Fastow: Enron Didn't Have to Go Bankrupt
"Enron did not have to go bankrupt at the time that it did,"Fastow told an audience of around 2,500 at the annual conference of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Las Vegas. Each year, the association invites a convicted white collar …

Gdańsk shipyard may go bankrupt again
Engineering firm Biprostal has filed a motion for the bankruptcy of Stocznia Gdańsk, Poland's best-know shipyard. The shipyard failed to pay Biprostal for delivered services. The first bankruptcy motion was submitted to court two weeks ago, but was …
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EU debates who pays when banks go bankrupt
European finance ministers have been meeting to decide who get stuck with the bill when banks fail. Since the 2008 financial crisis it has mostly been taxpayers, but at their gathering in Luxembourg on Friday, the ministers were trying to agree rules …
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