Direct recovery of debts
Continuing the theme of tougher measures to punish and, therefore, deter serial tax avoiders, the government has included measures in the Summer Finance Bill 2015 to enable HM Revenue & Customs to recover tax debts from the bank and building society …
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Greek crisis reveals new face of the IMF as supporter of debt relief – Yahoo News
Back in 2013, the Fund acknowledged flaws with the initial efforts to address Greek debts. Often initial recovery plans in such cases are “too sanguine,” it said. The IMF accepted shared blame with other creditors for this costly mistake. The problem …
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County sheriff's office simplifies and incentivizes Pay for Stay program | The
From there, as long as regular payments are made on a monthly basis, the account stays open with the Sheriff's Office until the debt is paid, avoiding the need for collections services to become involved and divert office revenues. This lengthening of …
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