Debt Collection – Tactics used by Debt Recovery companies

This is the 2nd part of a Panorama episode “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” broadcast on the 10th November 2008, and shows some of the tactics used by Debt Collectors. We are shown an example of how a man’s family are left to deal with the unscrupulous methods used by one company who claim to be sympathetic to a debtors situation. In this case the debtor has been sectioned for mental illness and the debt collector has no other agenda than to get the money out of the debtors family.
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  1. google VARONICA CHAPMAN FREEDOM IS MORE THAN JUST A 7 LETTER WORD,copy the letter ,at the end of the final chapter,where you will see that a 3rd party collector,has no lawful right to persue you ,its against harassment have NO CONTRACT WITH THEM,NO CONTRACT MEANS NO CASE.they must provide proof of contract to the court and as there is NON,then they wont be able to persue,you can also charge THEM for each correspondance,say £500 and remove their implied right of access.ITS COMMON LAW.

  2. by law once a debt has been sold it is no longer yours.Check out the TPUC website and the get out of debt free website for real information.ALL debt collection agencies rely on fear to get their way.

  3. same problem as these. with bay collections and fredrickson international £40 a fortnight from both of them. they have to make do with 20 a fortnight from now on though i need to be assertive.

  4. what a load crap, bills of exchange act 1883 they have paid the debt off for them, when they purchased the debt, they owe the cedit collection people NOTHING, tel um to go fuck um selfs

  5. First Credit are absolute liars..they have been known to issue fake stat demands!!!.A friend of mine got one from them and checked it out with the court and sure enough the court had NO RECORD of it!. FIRST CREDIT =LIARS!!!..Do not deal with these vultures…do not respond to them on the not answer the mail, they almost never take you to court [they don’t want to spend the money] Let 6 years past without any acknowledgement and they can’t do a thing because the debt will be Stat Barred

  6. To be honest why do these people care? IF you own money simpel say “I dont have it and go bankrupt” that means you wont have credit in a few years but it means you start a fresh new start. And her father being in a mental ward lol… wtf? Be a MAN and DONT depend on the government they are the LAST people you want to be depending upon. Yet so many UK natives act like the girl in the video, the creditors play games so do you 😀

  7. never give them your bank details, inform them YOU will set up a standing order. Pay ONLY what you can afford and never engage them on the phone. I pay each of my bottom feeders £1 each per month after 3 years of going without food in order to repay them at a rate they thought I should pay. Never again. Don’t be scared or unsecured debt and these mickey mouse companies. Take the bull by the horns, after all, your debt with the original creditor has already been written off.

  8. @NoDestinyLive4Now That’s exactly what @Catgirl356 said: pay those that you are contractually obligated to pay.

    I strongly recommend that anyone considering this ‘get out of debt free’ nonsense reads around the subject first.

  9. These debt collecters are rapists and the Government welcomes this. They will torture and rape your family, including all the members. The OFT who regulates them are told not to do anything. As for the Financial Services Authority , who regulate the banks, they welcome this behaviour. Also the Financial Ombudsman Service, supports the torture of pregnant women and are told to protect the banking industry.

  10. As @bondsan says quite correctly, it is illegal for 3rd party companies to chase debts which they do not have a signed contract for. It is high time people stand up to these scheister companies! All you have to do is write to them and tell them you do not recognise them as a company you have dealt with, and ask for a copy of the contract you signed with them.
    Its amazing what crap some of these Panorama programmes peddle! They haven’t properly investigated the issue at all.

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