David O. drops new rules on uncool debtsettlement practices
It's something Greg Elsby, executive director for Credit Counselling Service of Sault Ste. Marie, has seen many times before. A person in debt reaches out to a for-profit debt-settlement agency — which promises to settle their debt — but ends up in …
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Credit card debt relief scam shut down after customers lose millions
A federal court has halted a nationwide debt relief telemarketing operation that the Federal Trade Commission and Florida's attorney general's office claim swindled millions of dollars from debt-laden consumers. … Short and his wife, Karissa L. Dyar …
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Avoid Debt by Degrees
This is due in no small part to a media that obsessively focuses on extremely high-debt borrowers, cases that make for a good story but are frequently unrepresentative of most borrowers. As a result, we sometimes miss solutions that might make a big …
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