DANGER!! To WHOM are YOU married?! Marriage Licenses bond you to the STATE! fotm1

The government has encroached FAR more than most anyone knows into the areas for which GOD should have authority. We have VOLUNTARILY given them our children…
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  1. My wife and I or both in the bed with the state and we want out of it. We don’t have children at the moment, and are scared to have children due the contract we agreed to. What happens if my wife and I divorce, and then record our a new marriage in our Bible? Can the state claim the children born after divorcing the state? Thanks for this video.

  2. Marriage licence can be like a bad religion it keep you tied down to guilt and shame. I love not having the obligation to have to be tied to good things that go bad.

  3. I’m not sure who you are talking to, but I do not live in Wisconsin. You present two options and both are bad (state or cult), but those are NOT the only two options. Marriage has ALWAYS been an issue for the church. Any congregation can marry people. For that matter, a small ceremony officiated by a licensed minister and witnessed by two people and written in the front of a family bible is a sworn statement & should be legal in most any state. A state license is not as harmless as you make it.

  4. You live in Wisconsin. Its not like that in every state. If you don’t like it vote and make changes.

    I don’t believe you fully understand the reason for this marriage contract from the state. Its done for tax reasons and done so you can declare your kids for tax reasons. Its also done in case you get divorced. Its to protect both parties.

    And whats worse, being under the thumb of the government or some religious cult?

  5. I have just recently been made aware of the danger of having a marriage license… Unfortunately I was not informed of this when our marriage license was obtained. I now want nothing to do with one, but am at a loss as to how to terminate this contract with the state. I heard somewhere that such contracts can be considered void due to non-full disclosure or can be terminated when full disclosure is realized. Do you know how I can go about this??? Please, I hope you can help! Thank you.

  6. SHALOM, what a MARVELOUS Word from YAH; for those who come here, and know me on FB I KNOW I serve the RIGHTEOUS Elohim, so I am called, Tzedakah Eliyah. Good to find you here, on YouTube; MAY THESE TRUTHS, be made REAL in the Life of the FAMILY of YHVH on the Earth!

  7. What you are referring to is a Ketuvah or a marriage contract between families and the community before Almighty YHWH. No state license required. Some contracts were written and others were word of mouth.Divorce was regulated by Deutoronomy 24 and 25 (if i’m not mistaken).

  8. The Hammurabi Code (the law of the land before Moses) didn’t require a written bill of divorcement. So a woman had no protection if she had been “put away” verbally then he denied he’d said it. He could have her stoned for adultery and keep her dowry. The “putting away” – that is, verbally – does violence and God hates it. So God told Moses to require paperwork to keep all parties honest and protect the woman’s rights. If the hubby reneged, she could show the paper to the elders save herself.

  9. I’m not saying that you don’t have a record of it and have witnesses. But NONE of the founding fathers of this country were married by a STATE marriage license. It’s a 100 year old invention. Typically, the record in the front of a family Bible, signed by the pastor/priest/etc, the bride/groom and two witnesses is legally sufficient. I’m not opposed to paperwork – just contracts with the government that entitle them to the FRUIT of your union (that is, your kids and all your stuff).

  10. Thanks for posting this! I have been trying to wake people up to this fact for a long time. YHWH defines marriage, not man! 

  11. its completley voluntary you have a choice in the metter everytime you use it ..fill outa tax return..get a drivers license..etc teh amsih and mennonite communities function without it…most just dont want to leave thier comfort and sins

  12. Yes, those are considerations. The best thing is to consult an attorney that understands contracts and constitutional law. We run into the same problem when there is an immigration situation as well.

  13. That may well be, but I didn’t have a say in either of those. At least a marriage license is a decision you make as an adult and can navigate through.

  14. What about social security benefits? That might be affected. For example, to be a beneficiary of a spouse ss benefits, a couple must be married for 10 years. I would get larger benefits by filing for spouse’s benefits on my husband. That might not be possible under a common law marriage.

  15. Great video, Marriage licenses are warned about in Exodus 21:2-6. The state is the master and the man and woman are the Hebrew slaves (in the state’s eyes anyway). Yah tried to warn us, but we rejected his knowledge and his Torah.

  16. forget the marriage license how about your social security number doug and your brith certifcate far more grevious sins than marriage license

  17. Always remember,if there is a contract,u reserve that right always after ur John Hancock,if u fell to do so u then will be compelled to agree and obey all the rules and regulations under that contract,most of us fell to reserve that right,and if u do u deserve it cus u were already warned to always reserve ur rights any and everytime u sign anything,and I don’t care wat it is,reserve ur rights!

  18. If u sign that contract in the all right reserved way it will and can benefit u in the long run and in that way if there is a hidden contract u are not compelled to even have to worry about it that’s why ur reserving ur right under the UCC 1-207/1-308/1-103 in that way if there is a contract no one has jurisdiction to take ur kids away cus u just reserved that right so they can’t just walk in and take ur kids just cus of a marriage license or the marriage will be null and void,not real!

  19. It’s really easy people to bypass all that in commerce when signing that contract to ur own benefit,and how is this so? It’s simple and easy up under ur name always put (All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice,UCC 1-207/1-308/1-103) ans that right there will save ur save u if and every something comes up cus ur reserving ur rights not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that u did not enter into knowingly,voluntarily,and internationally

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