(PRWEB) February 4, 2009

Credit Card Finder, an Australian online credit card comparison and application service, announces the release of its free online calculator designed to help individuals calculate and determine the potential savings of credit card balance transfers and interest repayments. With Credit Card Finder’s credit card calculator, users can make a planned, budgeted strategy on their debt consolidation and credit cards.

“Australians are more and more frequently turning to online, independent parties for financial review,” says Mike Jarocki, webmaster of Credit Card Finder. “With the implementation of Credit Card Finder’s new free tool, it’s easier than ever for users to take an educated stand on their finances, especially in a contemporary time of economic downturn.”

By inputting a hypothetical balance, interest rate, monthly repayment and length of repayment, users can successfully determine the total interest they’ll have to repay on their credit card. Users can also enter a payment strategy, which creates a comparison of how much money is saved based on whether the highest interest cards or those with the lowest balance are paid off first.

The credit card calculator also gives users the option to download their calculations as a spreadsheet. With the spreadsheet, users can track different credit strategies over time and determine which method is most effective when it comes to balance management.

In addition to its free use by any consumer, Credit Card Finder’s credit card calculator is also free for webmasters to use on their own Web sites, providing credit is given to Credit Card Finder for the usage.

Credit Card Finder’s credit card calculator is available at http://www.creditcardfinder.com.au/credit-card-calculator . For more news from Credit Card Finder, visit the company’s RSS feed.

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