Constraining consumer access doesn't solve payday debt trap
A better solution would allow short-term lenders to follow the guidance imposed from the credit card reforms, like reasonable income and expense verification, or a safe harbor for responsible lenders who have proven they can manage risk effectively.
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How Would 'Debt Free' College Actually Work IRL?
… loan debt per grad and the $ 1.2 trillion dollars owed by graduates even older than them, the real cost of an education hits our emotions and our wallets harder than ever. Stats like those have the presidential hopefuls clamoring to come up with a …

Money Talk: How Installment Debt and Revolving Debt Differ
Avoid any lender that gives you a high-pressure sales pitch, that offers you a loan if you have bad credit or that pitches debt settlement, which is far more dangerous to your finances than a personal loan. If the lender tries to tell you about a new …
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