Reform Activists Led by Gabor S. Acs Call on Christian Churches to Buy Up All Pennies from Homeless

Washington DC (PRWEB) January 24, 2004 –

–Gabor S. Acs, the Hungarian Financier, and author of “Freenomics: The Modern Science of Free Economics”, a work in progress, is calling on all Christian Churches in America to join in the launch of the Free and Clear America Campaign.

”During the past three years homelessness in America increased 50%, poverty has increased once again in 2003, and more children are going hungry. The outstanding national debt now averages $ 24,000 for every man, woman and child in America.

“Is there any good news?” Jay Shaft, Editor of the Coalition for Free Thought in the Media asks.

”George Bush in his “State of the Union Address” told 300 million Americans how good it is in America thanks to all the things he has done. He painted a rosy picture of economic recovery, renewed prosperity, new job growth, and many victories in the war on terror”, wrote Shaft in his most recent article published at the Axis of Logic web site.

Gabor S. Acs, who was dubbed “The Penny King” in 1995 by a homeless person in Portland, Oregon because he was buying up Lincoln Pennies from the thousands of homeless beggars (“spangers”), people who make a living asking for spare change, on the streets for a nickel each, is calling on all faiths to take half of all their donations and “do the same, for this they will be rewarded in “due enough time”, said Gabor in a phone interview for this story.

”The facts G.W. Bush presented to America did not even remotely resemble the true facts behind the greatest crisis America has ever faced. No matter how he described the current situation in America, nothing he said came close to the truth about the real state of the union,” Shaft went on. The facts Bush used to show how great we are doing are just so many more lies and deceptions on top of an already long list of betrayals and deceits that he has committed against the country as a whole.”

Gabor, a Hungarian born financier and philanthropist, immediately following the collapse of Parmalat, called on the Vatican to throw the moneychangers out of the temples of Rome and has been organizing volunteers of the Italian arm of the International Bank Activities Reform Commission (IBARC) in Milan and Rome to organize public demonstrations calling for the formal resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Bank of Italy Governor Antonio Fazio.

Mr. Berlusconi – who is Italy’s richest man – was accused of attempting to bribe a judge during a business takeover deal. He is believed to be worth more than 10 billion euros ($ 13 billion). To make amends for the corruption in Italy under his watch, Mr. Acs has asked that he support the formation of the Free and Clear Foundations of Italy and donate half his wealth so that zero interest mortgage loans can be provided to the citizens of Italy.

He is also calling for the voluntary resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who has rejected calls for his resignation following the indictment of an Israeli businessman for allegedly paying him substantial bribes for political favors. Pressure on the Israeli Prime Minister is mounting as he sticks doggedly to his refusal to explain publicly his relationship with the accused man.

”Since 2001 there has been at least an 8% rise in the number of families living in poverty. Since 2001 many social service agencies and government agencies have reported a 25-30% increase in the amount of families reporting their income as being within borderline poverty levels”, according to the article by Shaft at Axis of Logic.

”There are at least 26.5 million children living in low-income families. Children represent a disproportionate share of the poor in the United States; they are 25.6% of the total population, but 36.9% of the poor population.

”There is a very in-depth report called Parental Employment in Low-Income Families that was released by the National Center for Children in Poverty – This report has a breakdown of income levels, work records, and some solutions to the problem of children living in low-income families.

”The poverty rate went up to 12.1% in 2002, with 1.7 million new cases equaling 34.6 million people living in poverty. In 2002 there were 7.2 million families living in poverty. There were 14.1 million people living in severe poverty. There were an additional 12.5 million people living just above the borderline of poverty in 2002, the same amount as in 2001.

”There were over 14 million children living in poverty in 2002. Estimates for 2003 put the amount of children in poverty at over 15.5 million. There were at least another one million children who slipped into poverty in 2003. Official government figures have not been released yet, but many private agency reports and surveys have been.

”Over 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs while oil prices are approaching new historical highs, the dollar has fallen in global currency markets by 20%, and the budget deficit has reached mind-boggling proportions,” said Acs.

”Social service agencies and agencies that provide aid to the poor and low income reported a 20% or greater increase in requests for services in 2003. The homeless rate went up by 17-22% in all reporting cities this year, and the growth rate of poverty usually reflects any increase in homelessness”, said the report published at, which is comprised of an all-volunteer group of writers, and editors who are committed to publishing news and commentary that is often not presented in the major news outlets.

“2003 saw the biggest increase in people reporting their income as being at the borderline poverty level. 2003 also saw the biggest increase in families reporting their earnings at low-income levels.

Unemployment and under-employment is still a major crisis as 2.6 million workers have lost their jobs under the Bush administration. The Bush administration is the only one in 70 years, which has had a decline in private sector jobs.

The total unemployment rate is at 6.3% for 2003. 9.1 million (adjusted figures) Americans are unemployed and that does not include the millions who have stopped collecting unemployment benefits or did not register as unemployed.

”According to a July 2003 survey 70% of workers used up all their unemployment benefits before finding another job. If you count the workers who are not receiving any unemployment benefits, but are still without a job, the actual figure of those unemployed could be as high as 14 million. 90 million Americans cannot afford a home priced above $ 100,000.

100 million Americans have been conned by the legal but unethical military industrial financial media complex, which has engaged in a massive money-laundering scheme to finance itself, costing American taxpayers an additional $ 1 trillion in just four years while Bush was in office. Personal and corporate bankruptcies are expected to reach all time record highs if Bush is reelected.

The Federal Reserve and the Treasury have snowed the American people into thinking that the inflation rates in the country are historically low, however if one compares the cost of gas, bread and cheese to what it was in 1913, the actual annualized rate of inflation is more akin to 144.44% uncompounded.

The recently announced multi billion-dollar mergers of Citigroup and Fleet, Bank One and J.P. Morgan, are a cover up of the ailing financial system in the United States. The national pension fund system is under funded by more than $ 400 billion. The Social Security is Bankrupting. Health care costs have skyrocketed and 50 million American families cannot afford basic health care costs.

“That great big silent sucking sound you don’t hear or see is not NAFTA, but a corrupt administration that continues its snow job of America”, said a volunteer who dared not call it treason.

At least 100 million people most affected by the current economy would disagree with Bush on how good it is right now.

“Since the year 2000, the homeless population in America has increased by approximately 50%. In 2003 the homeless population increased by approximately 15% on a national average. Every year since 1999 the homeless population has increased by 10-15%. While it is hard to track the total number of homeless, each year at least 5.5 million people experience homelessness at some point.

”60% of all new cases of homelessness are single women with children. 15% of all new homeless cases are families with children. Homeless families comprise 40% of the total homeless population. 41% of the homeless populations are single men, 14% are single women, and 5% are unaccompanied minors.

”The National Council of Mayors conducts a yearly survey on homelessness and hunger in the US which can be viewed at the following link:

”I have spoken to many agencies that said they had at least a 25% increase in emergency food requests for 2003, with the biggest demand being in the first six months of the year. Many agencies have reported donations being down 15-20%, while the increased demand for food forced them to cut back on the amount of food given out”, said Shaft.

“This survey underscores the impact the economy has had on everyday Americans,” said Conference of Mayors President and Hempstead (NY) Mayor James A. Garner.

“These are not simply statistics,” said Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell, who co-chairs the Conference’s Task Force on Hunger and Homelessness. “These are real people who are hungry and homeless in our cities.”

”Part of the trillion dollar money laundering scheme of the Bush administration is the channeling of billions of dollars in contracts through contrived means to an elite and cozy “white list” of American companies that have already made billions building US military bases and installations. Bechtel and Halliburton, along with their combined subsidiaries have won the majority of contracts in Afghanistan.

Hundreds of the other companies that have recently received contracts in Iraq have also profited enormously in Afghanistan. All this money was created out of thin air for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many; the purest definition of unethical economic behavior.” said a volunteer for IBARC.

US Citizens continue to suffer while billions are sent through offshore money laundering fronts falsely protected under the “Patriot Act” which is set to expire soon and that fact was cheered during Bush’s recent speech by a majority in the audience.

“While the Bush administration wastes resources and expends billions overseas, our own citizens continue to sink further into debt and poverty”, wrote Shaft. “Bush has continuously lied to the American public and should be impeached”, stated Acs.

”If the US spent just three months Iraqi occupation costs, we could wipe out hunger and homelessness completely for ten years. However, it does not seem like feeding and sheltering our own citizens has a very high priority”, said Shaft in his lengthy article. If the US took just 25% of their annual military budget, it could go a long way to wiping out hunger and homelessness around the world. Just 10% of our military budget spent yearly on America’s children could give every high school graduate a college education for four years.

Acs says a growing coalition of disgusted, disgruntled and dangerously angry Americans are almost to their boiling points, ready to call for a national general strike should Bush get re-elected. “If a man uses force to solve his own or his nation’s problems, and not reason alone, he should not be supported, and let that be his lesson”, said Acs.

”Increasingly in America, private foundations and organizations are stepping in to take up the slack that the government fails to adjust for.

The Solution to the Crisis – The Free and Clear America Campaign

All Christian Churches in America, if they truly were Christian, should immediately empty half their coffers of cash from the banks where they are held on deposit and put to work a national network of volunteers who go into the streets to buy up pennies from the homeless for a nickel each.

By doing so they will increase the buying power of the homeless, the poor and underemployed, and send a free and clear message to the international bankers that Americans are taking back control of their own money. That includes all branches of the Salvation Army, and the profit making arms of every religion in America.

All 40 million people in America who are struggling with the issues of economics should immediately save every penny that touches their hands. They should organize public demonstrations in front of the Federal Reserve Bank branches, of which there are over 600 around the country, and immediately stage protest rallies with the chants “Show us the money!” until the Federal Reserve Banks lower interest rates to zero, a policy which top federal officials have already indicated they are prepared to implement in order to prevent widespread financial panic.

Gabor S. Acs is said to be preparing for the official public calling of the impeachment of G.W. Bush and the resignation of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, pending a teleconference with billionaire financier George Soros who has offered to wager his entire $ 7 billion fortune if someone could guarantee the defeat of George W. Bush in the upcoming November elections. Mr. Acs is prepared to guarantee it, according to sources close to the situation.

“Gabriel Soros Acts” is a pen name donated to the Free and Clear Foundations of America, Inc., and is copyright 2004, All World Rights Reserved. Some portions of this article were reprinted without permission from an article published by Jay Shaft titled, “The Real State of the Union: A Nation in Crisis, an Economy in Disaster, Soaring Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness, Coalition for Free Thought in the Media, January 22, 2004.

Matt Richmond, Colin DeVries, and Mike Kaeler contributed research, data and figures for the Jay Shaft article. Kristen Leaventhal also contributed additional research and checked data and research figures. Jay Shaft is the Editor of Coalition For Free Thought In Media.

The Coalition can be accessed through email:, and also, his original work can be found at the following links: and

This article contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material in this article is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Permission was not obtained due to the current crisis and the need for swift global communications to bypass the ruling class that continues to do the least good for the fewest number at the expense of the many. We encourage anyone who reads this article to save all his or her pennies and pass it on.

By United States Congress House of Represen [ [ To Provide Assistance to Displaced Workers by Extending Unemployment Benefits and by Providing a Credit for Health Insurance Costs, and for Other Purp ] ] Dec-2010[ Paperback ] Reviews

By United States Congress House of Represen [ [ To Provide Assistance to Displaced Workers by Extending Unemployment Benefits and by Providing a Credit for Health Insurance Costs, and for Other Purp ] ] Dec-2010[ Paperback ]

By United States Congress House of Represen [ [ To Provide Assistance to Displaced Workers by Extending Unemployment Benefits and by Providing a Credit for Health Insurance Costs, and for Other Purp ] ] Dec-2010[ Paperback ]

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Minnesota Corporation Owners Can Opt Out Of State Unemployment Insurance

(PRWEB) October 28, 2004

Effective January 1, 2005, Minnesota corporation officers who own 25% or more of their company’s stock can elect not to be covered by Minnesota state unemployment insurance (SUI).

“Unemployment insurance has always been a major hassle for small business owners who operate S corporations,” says Peter Hupalo, author of “How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S-Corporations For Small Business Owners.”

Small business owners who operate their own corporations are technically considered employees of the corporation and, because of this, are often subject to paying state unemployment insurance tax on their own salaries. Any corporate officer, including the president of a one-person S corporation, is considered an employee.

“The problem is that small business owners pay into the unemployment system, but seldom are in a position to collect unemployment. This makes it sort of an unfair tax,” says Hupalo.

Unemployment insurance is a complex and state-specific area of law. One Wisconsin case decided that a one-armed man who lost the use of his other arm was ineligible for unemployment, because an individual has to be capable of working to collect unemployment. Another case decided that a business owner who closed his failing business was ineligible for unemployment, because by closing his business, he essentially quit his job voluntarily.

Minnesota corporate owners can fill out form DEED-591 available from The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to elect coverage or non-coverage under state unemployment insurance. The form also applies to the owners of limited liability companies (LLCs).

“I hope the Federal government will eventually allow an entrepreneur with a small S corporation to opt out of Federal unemployment tax (FUTA). Basically that’s a tax of $ 434 with no benefit to the owner of a small business. The owner essentially can’t collect it,” commented Hupalo.

Hupalo says that because FUTA only applies to the first $ 7,000 in wages there isn’t a strong lobbying effort to exclude small corporation officers from FUTA.