Bridging the Week – April 2015 #3
Commissioner Wetjen also suggested that Congress should consider amending bankruptcy laws to permit the CFTC “greater flexibility with respect to the protection of customer funds.” Currently, said Mr. Wetjen, all customer property must be distributed …
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A look at what's keeping Greece, creditors from a bailout deal despite growing
Since Athens started getting 240 billion euros in bailout loans in 2010 to avoid bankruptcy it has slashed pensions, state jobs, and welfare benefits, sold state assets and raised taxes. For Greece to get more loans, creditors are demanding reforms to …
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College campuses studying on borrowed time
“Filing for bankruptcy as an individual is a massive headache but it's not the worst thing that can happen to you,” Iwashige says. “If a former student's … “Exemptions are only granted when there is absolutely no chance of recovering the debt …
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