Sioux Falls, SD (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

The company recently analyzed online debt relief providers and is announcing its findings. They are that the three best online debt consolidation loan companies available to residents of South Dakota are National Debt Relief, CuraDebt and American Debt Enders. rated these companies based on six factors. They were financial standing, business ethics, fees, customer service, debt solution alternatives and customer satisfaction.

Of these three companies National Debt Relief ranked highest based on these six criteria and especially because of its business ethics, customer service and customer satisfaction.

In terms of customer satisfaction, National Debt Relief’s first time customers reported they were almost always “very satisfied” with the services they had received from the company. National Debt Relief charges no upfront fees, which makes it different from many other online debt consolidation loan providers. Its customers pay nothing until their debts have been settled to their satisfaction and they have approved their payment plans. In addition, National Debt Relief has a very liberal cancellation policy. It guarantees 100% satisfaction because National Debt Relief customers can cancel out of their programs at any time they become dissatisfied with the company and pay no fees or penalties.

South Dakota continues to enjoy low unemployment with a rate of just 3.6% making it third best in the nation. However, the state’s median household income is $ 49,415 versus the U.S. median household income of $ 51,017. South Dakotans carry an average credit card debt of $ 4,238 and like many Americans find themselves faced with the rising costs of basic necessities such as food, fuel, housing, medical expenses and utilities. Given this it is not surprising that many South Dakota residents are struggling with debt and turning to debt consolidation loan companies for help. Unfortunately, many of these online debt relief providers are swindlers. They charge huge upfront fees, don’t deliver on their promises, close up shop and then reopen some months later with different names. This makes it very difficult for people that have been swindled by these companies to ever get their money back.

National Debt Relief has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, making it a good choice for South Dakotans fighting big debt. The company specializes in helping families and individuals that owe more than $ 7500 and has helped 100,000 Americans become debt free. National Debt Relief received the number one rating for debt relief providers from In awarding this rating, the company noted that among other things it’s website is clean and customer friendly and that its debt counselors will walk you through a free debt analysis. It also said that National Debt Relief’s staff is knowledgeable and friendly and that you can get started on your plan with no upfront fees.

CuraDebt was ranked as the second-best debt relief option for South Dakotans. It concentrates on working with customers that have more than $ 10,000 in credit card debts. The company has been in business since 1996 providing financial advice along with creditor negotiations, settlement, and arbitration services to both individuals and small businesses.

CuraDebt is almost always able to help its clients achieve credit card debt reduction due to its excellent working relationships with the credit card companies. CuraDebt is also able to provide its customers with programs designed to help with student loan debts, tax debts, medical debts and defaulted loans – as well as with credit card debts.

American Debt Enders has been in business only since 2007 but has already created a reputation for being able to help families and individuals who are more than $ 5000 in debt. It’s debt counselors are said to be friendly and responsive and able to handle almost any kind of credit problem. In fact, American Debt Enders says that its debt counselors are usually able to even help its customers improve their credit scores.

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