Beat The Recession, Don’t Just Cope With It; Michigan Entrepreneur’s Fight Back Against Michigan’s Famed “One State Recession”

Utica, MI (PRWEB) November 2, 2008

A Michigan company has announced its plans to help eliminate financial stress for 1,000,000 of the state’s citizens. On November 1, 2008, Cashmap Systems, LLC, is launching Michigan Mission — a high-concept plan to empower individuals to beat the state’s long-running recession.

Cashmap CEO and co-founder of the new venture, Brad Semp, recognizes the current dismal economic situation in Michigan, but he sees a way out from under the oppressive conditions with Michigan Mission. “We’re witnessing the slow death of our industrial core, a massive increase in home foreclosures, shocking unemployment statistics and there’s absolutely no reason to believe government has an answer,” notes Semp. “Michigan Mission is all about providing individuals with the tools they need to solve their financial issues on their own.”

Robin Collins and Lee Collins, noted small business advisors and creators of the well-known “Hybrid Marketing” system, have joined Semp in creating Michigan Mission. Lee Collins expects that message of self-reliance to register with Michiganders, noting that the state “is home to millions of strong-willed people who are ready, willing and able to do this for themselves.” If it all seems optimistic, that’s by design. “Michigan Mission is positive. Period. We’re aware of how rough things are out there for people, but we’re ready to start a positive movement that will turn things around for Michiganders,” Robin Collins adds.

Jeff Wellman, Founder of Layoff Your Boss Marketing LLC of Fremont, Michigan, is also supporting Brad Semps and Lee and Robin Collins on their mission to empower individuals to beat the state’s long-running recession. Jeff has had the privilege to know first hand that the strategies that will be taught and revealed during this life changing event work when applied correctly, as Jeff was able to Layoff his own Boss and launch an online product called Layoff Your Boss in which he generated over $ 104,349 in just under 30 days which enabled Jeff to escape foreclosure on his home and stop the unlimited amount of phone calls from creditors asking Jeff for money that he just did not have due to economy and cut backs at a well known Michigan plant. This enabled Jeff to take charge of his families financial future and never look back.

The Michigan Mission model involves showing people how they can begin their own successful business ventures, freeing them from reliance on employers and allowing them to become financially self-sufficient. “Michigan is bleeding jobs. There is no security in the status quo,” Semp remarks, “and all of us know people who are just getting slaughtered by the economy here. Folks are left with two choices–they can either suffer or they can fight back. I believe they’re ready to fight back and win.” Semp speaks from experience. A native of Michigan, he was employed in the automotive industry before making a successful transition in entrepreneurship.

The methods espoused by Michigan Mission reflect years of Semp’s personal experience and the perspectives of top entrepreneurs with proven track records like the Collins. “These are proven strategies. They work,” Lee Collins states. “Michigan Mission is going to take these strategies–these tools–and put them right in the hands of people who can use them to build a better future for themselves while helping top put our state on the road to recovery.”

Michigan Mission will begin its war against Michigan’s famed “one state recession” on Saturday, November 22, with a one-day seminar and conference in Utica, MI. For more information regarding this recession-busting program or to register for an upcoming conference, please visit

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