Bankruptcy and commercial transactions with foreign entities: what law governs?
As most astute manufacturers know, there is a statutory right under Bankruptcy Code section 503(b)(9) to assert an administrative priority claim (one with the highest priority in payment after secured creditors) for goods delivered to a debtor within …
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Carlyle-Owned Zodiac Pool Seeks US Bankruptcy Protection
Under Chapter 15, which was added to U.S. bankruptcy law in 2005, a company may seek a U.S. Bankruptcy Court's recognition of its foreign bankruptcy case as the main proceeding. If recognized by a U.S. judge, the bankruptcy filing effectively puts the …
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McArdle: Adding injury to an already flawed bankruptcy law
We should never have carved the special exemption for student loans out of bankruptcy protection; it makes the law more complex, and as I've written many times before, the proliferating complexity of the regulatory state has huge costs and should be …
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