Bankrupt! – INITIALS P.H.O.E.N.I.X. – Part 1/4

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“The owners of an Oregon bakery that made national headlines last year after turning away a pair of lesbian brides-to-be are now facing a fine of up to 0,…

49 thoughts on “Bankrupt! – INITIALS P.H.O.E.N.I.X. – Part 1/4

  1. Justice done

    People in fashion
    Rattle, don’t hesitate
    I look at my own, your chances are slim
    Victory lap, for unfettering eyes
    Dating vendetta win small spray pesticide

    Justice done

    Caledonian, rich and young
    Self-entitled portrait
    Court in session, justice done
    I’ll rush into it anyway
    Forever is for everyone else
    We’re off a couple secrets
    Another lonely Tuesday home
    Stole the kisses anyone near

    Caledonian, rich and young
    Self-entitled portrait
    Court in session, justice done
    I’ll rush into it anyway
    Forever is for everyone else
    We’re off a couple secrets
    Another lonely Tuesday home
    Stole the kisses anyone near…

  2. YES! After watching the creative process of the Wolfgang Amadeus album, I
    wanted to know how Bankrupt! came to be as well. Access like this is a
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  3. Ce groupe me redonne foi en la musique en tant qu’art, ils sont passionnés
    et c’est beau à voir; leur travail inspire le respect… Merci Phoenix.

  4. This just plain wrong. Owners have the right to refuse service. Some
    religions find gay marriage very offensive. Making wedding cake for a
    lesbian couple is an act supporting a taboo act and also violates the right
    of religious freedom. For me, God is just an imaginary figure, however I
    have no right of oppressing other people’s religions beliefs. 

  5. Why should people be forced to serve everyone? That sounds like slavery to

    Business owners should be able to deny service to ANYONE for ANY REASON
    without risking financial ruin because of idiotic government fines over

    Also, what kind of asshole tries to force someone to bake a cake for them
    instead of simply going to another of the countless fucking bakeries that
    offer this service.

    Fuck the government and fuck the entitled pieces of shit who did the

  6. Gay people are bias and not consistent. Watch I will show you, someone who
    is gay answer this. Should marrying your own mother/father be legal ? Yes
    or No. If they are consistent its just plain weird. Also do you agree
    with someone marring their own father/mother. Yes or No.

  7. If this couple refused to do a lesbian cake on religious grounds, then bad
    luck to the lesbians. Why? Something about the First Amendment stating that
    Congress cannot make laws regarding the establishment of a religion. To say
    it is against the LAW to discriminate on religious grounds and use the LAW
    to fine them is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    TYT can get stuffed on this one.

  8. Wake up people.

    This is the true nature of the Left!

    I also love the use of the Orwellian, “phobia” suffix. People who do not
    approve of gays is not the same as being scared of them.

    This is a tactic used by the Leftist pigs to paint anybody who disagrees
    with them as somebody whose position is based in fear and irrationality.

    TYT of course can’t help themselves.

  9. She wasn’t crying that she had to bake a cake for a gay person; she was
    crying because she had just lost her business and was remembering the good
    days. How dare you insert those words into her mouth, you horrible
    people….. You seem happy to see someone suffer so, so much for the spirit
    of forgiveness among liberals.

    Her business is ruined, her life is ruined, her family is ruined, all
    because of ONE error? Is that fair to you sycophants?? Sure, fine her a
    thousand bucks, or a few hundred, but a HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND?? I’ve
    been discriminated against before, but I would NEVER wish that kind of harm
    over something as trivial as having to wait longer for service or not
    getting what I had ordered……

  10. Where is the tolerance and diversity for the believe system of the owners
    of this bakery? Why is it “phobic” for them to disagree with homosexuality
    as a lifecstyle? Surely America, the land of the free which also supports
    the “the free exercise therof” of religion can tolerate her and her
    husbands free choice to not support something they dont believe in. To call
    them “phobic” is intolerant, slanderous and insensitive.

  11. boo fucking hoo, this is the 21st century we dont need anymore fucking hate
    against the lgbt community becuase of religion. 

  12. Hmm you dont agree with LGBT, Well now you loss your job have fun feeding
    your children. Ohh LGBT your so kind and nice.

  13. Analogy is flawed. Homosexuality is a behaviour and race is not. A better
    one would be refusing to make cakes for Republicans or communists etc. Do
    they have that right or not?

  14. For all you stupid shits arguing about “owner’s rights” and “religious
    freedom”; firstly, watch the video and listen to what Jimmy said in the
    end. Secondly, you dummies are the SAME type of people that used religion,
    etc. to have people born and die as slaves, murder humans for not
    converting during Crusades and witch hunts, oppress women, still using
    religion to molest/rape and mentally ruin kids, etc. You are BAD PEOPLE.
    PERIOD.And no one gives a flying fuck about the “sanctity” of your vile,
    stupid-arse, useless, chicken-shit. fuckface beliefs.

    You CANNOT make up some stupid beliefs that hurt and discriminate against
    others, then use it as basis to do whatever you like. If not, anarchists
    can also start a “religion” and say that, ironically, they do not have to
    abide by any laws under the Constitution, since the law says so. Again,
    those of you that say interfering with religion is unconstitutional are
    just terrible humans, and the constitution was not made to protect monsters
    like you; it is made to protect others from you.

  15. I have to agree with and respect the couple’s decision despite completely
    disagreeing with their feelings. When are Americans going to learn to quit
    trying to burden others with their ideals. I can respect the LGBT
    community, but I shouldn’t have to violate my personal beliefs for
    them(example). Enforcing in these ways will not create respect between
    various communities, just tension. We need to teach respect and tolerance
    in better ways than overreacting and such punitive measures. 

  16. So unnecessary and counter-productive. Irrespective of the legality of
    denying service the lesbians were foolish in pressing the issue. They could
    have and should have just gone elsewhere (if for no other reason than the
    stupidity of wanting a hostile person to make your food).

    Bankrupting the small business may seem like a moral victory for gays but
    the consequences will ultimately be harmful. The former bakery owners have
    already become martyrs for the religious right. Their plight has become a
    talking point against gay rights. By assuming the role of whiny zealots the
    lesbians only increased public resistance to their own cause.

    Most normal people (and yes I unabashedly use the term ‘normal’ in its
    ordinary meaning) are sick of the gay ‘in your face, you must acknowledge
    the validity of homosexuality’ strategy for obtaining equal rights. Most of
    us don’t and won’t accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle choice.
    However homosexuality is legal and we should be tolerant of those with
    different values. But if gays want to go mainstream a better strategy is to
    be good citizens, mind your business and keep your personal lives personal.
    Standing on the soapbox waving the rainbow flag is just annoying. Quite
    frankly most of us have more important things to worry about.

  17. But isn’t it a privately owned business? I know I’m ignorant and what the
    Bakery did is wrong, but don’t they have the rights to deny any race or
    sexual orientation without being persecuted? 

  18. I’d be afraid to start my own business today in America, too many hoops and
    regulations to jump through. It’s your business, you have aright to do with
    it what you choose. I guess stores that say “no shirt, no shoes, no
    service” are also discriminatory. Discriminating in your business practice
    has a financial cost associated with it; if you choose to not serve, gays,
    or blacks, or muslims, that is your choice, but it will cost you money.
    Some people can afford to discriminate, others cannot. 

  19. $150,000 fine for refusing to bake a motherfuckin’ cake. THANKS, Liberals
    .. THANKS for one more step closer to turning America into a goddamn freak

  20. If a photographer didn’t want to take nude pics or sexual act does that
    mean that photographer is discriminating no! Why can’t someone who
    disagrees with a lifestyle choice be given the same freedom to refuse that
    business. It’s sickening that we live in a world where we are forced to
    accept a gay lifestyle. This isn’t a public service its a business. N this
    is completely different to race. You don’t make a choice to be black
    however, you do choose to live a homosexual lifestyle.


  22. This was a business. Refusing service, or turning away money probably
    wasn’t the smartest thing in general to do. As a business person she
    probably should have realized this could be bad publicity or that there
    might be a discrimination suit. Pragmatism would have dictated two
    potentially smart moves: accept the job then claim to be overbooked and
    refund the deposit as quickly as possible and refer them elsewhere, no harm
    no foul, no bad press, no consequences. OR alternatively, just bake the
    cake, take their money and disagree with their life decision in the privacy
    of your home as is your right.

    It’s really not that complicated. But because of the idea of “free speech”
    which does not work they people think it does, and because corporations are
    people, business owners think they can express or behave how they like
    without some potential consequences. If you have closely held beliefs that
    go against your business interest, you are always going to have to make a
    hard call as to what you value, that is something every business person

    Being a lawyer means that you will defend guilty people sometimes, being a
    doctor means sometimes you will save the life of a criminal, being a server
    sometimes means you are feeding a convicted felon. Your personal feelings
    and beliefs don’t change the fact you have a job to do.

    This woman made a decision that her closely held beliefs were more
    important to her than keeping her shop open and providing her employees
    with job security. Maybe this would have played out differently for her 20
    years ago, but she has seen the news, she has seen the trend, she knows the
    score. Personally feel for any business owner who suffers having to see
    their business fold, I truly do. On the other hand I would also say she
    knew better or should have. If she had to do it over, I’m pretty sure for
    how much she loved her business she would have done things differently if
    she knew it would come to this, and that is the honest truth that tells you
    where you really stand and what you really value. If baking their cake
    meant continuing to bake lovely cakes for other couples, I think now she’d
    have just done it.

  23. Dumb bitch shouldn’t have broken the clearly stated discrimination laws
    that were set in her area of operation. Your business breaks the law, you
    should suffer for it. Thankfully this ignorant cunt won’t be working in
    customer service again any time soon.

  24. What if the person had been accused, but not convicted, of raping a child
    in your neighbourhood. Are you allowed to refuse that person service? What
    if he wanted a KKK wedding cake? That would be religious & political

  25. OOOH HELL naw! here it cooooomes!

    these people just need to shut the fuck up, pretend they’re adults, and do
    their fucking job!
    if you cant serve people you hate, then the service industry isn’t for you.
    as a cashier i had to serve people with white power tatooed to their arms,
    you know what i did? i gave them their change and told them to have a nice
    day. are cashiers just by nature superior at their work compared to prissy
    fucking business owners or something? or are these tyrannical hate filled
    ignorant republican slimes of the earth just pleading for preferential
    treatment… yet again? gee, lemmie think.

    keep hiding your own personal faults behind your made up god you fucking
    winy assholes… 

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