Argentina's First-Quarter Unemployment Rate Jumps to 7.9%

Decade of frowns

Image by readerwalker
A chart of last decade of unemployment, including this recession, made slightly more real with long lines of frowning faces of the unemployed — each face representing many thousands of people. To be more representative the lines should extend farther down to at least 2% unemployment. And that’s only an average that ignores age and ethnic groups with much higher percentages of unemployment. Yet higher percentages would be needed to show the recession’s unemployment in other countries, like Spain.

Most of the unemployment statistics I could find on the web were percentage rates and not actual numbers of people. So I can’t say just how many thousands of real frowning faces each of these frowning icons stands for. I see unemployed and underemployed people nearly every day.

This roughly drawn and labeled chart was done with the iPad app TypeDrawing.

Argentina's First-Quarter Unemployment Rate Jumps to 7.9%
BUENOS AIRES–Argentina's unemployment rate jumped to 7.9% in the first quarter even as the economy picked up steam after a sharp slowdown last year. The unemployment rate was higher than the 6.9% in the fourth quarter, and was up from 7.1% in the …
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