A Short History of Legal Information Institutes (part 1)

A Short History of Legal Information Institutes (part 1)

3-part overview of the origins of the open-access law movement as it grew from one Legal Information Institute (at Cornell University in the US) to 18 or mor…
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The Legal Information Institute: Making Law Accessible to Everyone, for Free

3-minute video describing the history and mission of Cornell’s Legal Information Institute. The LII was the first open-access legal information site in the w…
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  1. It’s rather stunning that in the year and a half this has been´╗┐ up no one has thought it worth *any* kind of a comment and there are only 3 ratings of 600+ viewings. I’m rather glad I don’t have that much more time left. I live in a land of idiots who will deserve whatever happens to them.

  2. hola, en las zonas rurales existe mucha injusticia y es necesario que las personas conozcan los derechos y saber como aplicarlos; esto puede tomar algun tiempo, pero hay que inculcarlo en cada persona,´╗┐ no para que cuando los conozca se aproveche de los que no las conocen, sino para ense├▒arlas.

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