A Disturbing Trend in Social Security Disability Hearings

Atlanta Social Security Disability attorney Jonathan Ginsberg discusses a troublesome trend in Social Security hearings – problems getting help from treating…

Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg explains why part time work often creates problems for claimants in Social Security disability hearings.
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36 thoughts on “A Disturbing Trend in Social Security Disability Hearings

  1. What about Restless Leg Syndrome? I have a severe case of that with no known cause, only speculations.

  2. most dr.s don’t believe in disability,they see it like admitting failure even tho u have a chronic disease.and some just don’t give a shit.

  3. I have it too. I hurt all the time all over. I just want to die, and nobody cares or understands. Doctors do not want to help me. How am I going to get help. They dont want to get involved. Please help me get the seconal so I can go to sleep and not wake up. please. I also have aevere anxiety.

  4. so in other words those of us who live in places where the doctors are non supportive money grubbers are just screwed and we have to commit suicide.

  5. I have fibromyalgia and right now there is no known cause for this condition. Doctors and specialists have theories on what it may be but nothing concrete. It’s a horrible condition to have I can tell you that!

  6. I have great medical care – well you’d think I’m a military dependent and my doctor won’t fill out the forms that my attorney has asked me for.

    I am in South Florida, this is very frustrating especially since these would be beneficial for me. She referred me to another doctor who would do it but I can’t afford out of pocket expenses and the closest rehabilitation specialist that is on my insurance is over an hour away. I don’t have transportation that far. 🙁

  7. so we are supposed to go out and commit robbery ? Is that all this country can do about doctors who dont want to put in the effort ? It is all about these doctors who dont want to do the job they promised to do ..that Hippacratic oath. Or is it hippocritic oath ? Ive had to really push doctors to get the medical care I need and then they just drop you if you are too much work for what your insurance will pay.


  9. what is this Fibromyalgia ? it is increasingly becoming an epidemic. Is it all the additives ? or is it the rays in cell phones or computers ? Is it the newfangled psycological drugs they put people on now days ? It is very real believe me, but what is the cause. ?

  10. yes !!! doctors do not want to mess with paperwork, and there are NO FREE medical help here at all. Doctors will not be supportive anymore. What do we do. ? Im in this situation. The doctors are lazy and do not care about patients like they used to back in the day here in the USA. If the Judges are not aware MAKE THEM AWARE. or they should not be judges !!!

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  13. Your allergies to all meds sounds familar. maybe you have mast cell activation syndrome or mastocytosis. go to tmsforacure website to check it out

  14. Basically America like to destroy people and not pay for it! Disabling people and getting away with it is damn near murderous. Who hates these people?


  16. i dont trust them when they say you can work part time (after receiving ssd ) either.
    i know about what they call SGA & all that – but i would not trust them to take away your SSD a fast as they can,especially with the Govt we have now

  17. living off of $1,000 a month is not a party, most don’t get that much, all I could figure is your “friend” does have a major mental problem but prefers to brag about living below poverty, than to tell you that they are skitzo. Don’t envy them, I’m guessing that they have family members that pay way more into the system to cover them and many more.

  18. The SS system in Oregon is 1000% corrupt and there are too many people here that are getting it and can physically walk and get around great and have no mental problems. I meet them all the time on buses or out in public and they brag about getting $1000 a month or more. The SS system here in Oregon is filled with fraud and abuse and know someone that I used to work with that got it within 6 months and does not have mental problems or physical problems and is getting a big check every month,

  19. its all a game how the hell do you suppose to live? what are they gonna do if you get an eviction notice? how will you feed your kids this is insane if you ask me 2 to 3 yrs. to wait lol

  20. IF you are working part-time at the time of application, where the form says “Are you working now?”–I suggest that you/whoever helps you fill out the form) do not check EITHER “Yes or No”– Instead write “See Remarks”–and in the “Remarks” section–clearly explain the hours you work and how your work/earnings is significantly lower than “work” as defined by SSA’s version of “Substantial Gainful Activity”. You might want to write any accommodations; scheduling, difficulties, etc.

  21. I suggest going to your county’s Department of Social Services office. Apply for food stamps; indigent adult Medicaid program. Call (free) 211 from landline (if available in community). Sorry to hear about your situation. Ask about utility assistance, shelter, emergency services.

  22. @26marbay Exactly—they assume if you can work part-time doing “Job X”, then you can do some very easy, sedentary, unskilled “Job Y” full-time”-or at the meager “substantial gainful activity”–and this could trigger a review–&–depending what your “condition” is, this **could** be used against you as “improvement”-&what if you begin your “trial” at a time when your case comes up for review?? Lose medical benefits–medication, healthcare–everything goes downhill–even MORE disabled!!

  23. Or, keep going part-time from job to job…and homeless in between, and–often by no fault of their own–decompensate and have to go to the ER–with no financial ability to pay their bills. It’s sad.

  24. they dont want to give you benifits because its income you will get for not working and the reason it takes so long they want to try and break you it takes to long for the adverage person to servive so 70% of people drop the case an go back to work altogeather so they can pay the bills

  25. I am here in Oregon and SSD is desperately trying to cut me off, I am legally blind (Statutory blindness). I worked for 6 years under blindness guidelines and after I quiet for a few months things ran fine but then they attempted to cut me off claiming I worked too much. I had to fight this, trying to get them to explain why I owned them thousands. I got them to reinstate me but once again they cut me off, I want NUMBERS so I can track down the problem and fix it. Oregon is so corrupt.

  26. The entire SS system is messed up especially here in Oregon. There is too much fraud and abuse here and people that really need it cannot get it. If you work the SGA law will make you ineligible. I know someone here that can do all these physical things and can walk and play pool and drive a car and ride a bike and is getting SS yet I cannot do any of the above things and have denied 5 times for good. This person I know should not be getting it and is frauding the system. SS is a fraud.

  27. disablity insurance from met life it pays. I’m getting 60% of my income from it. I worked for the state of florida now on medical leave so using my sick time up to the point that I’m getting 90% of my net take home pay. least until sept of this year then my time runs, but still will get my disability check from met life for another 13 months
    it does help. the plan costs me about 11.00 bi weekly only had the thing for 2 years befor I had to stop work

  28. Yes I agree. I am stuck, because with no income I am homeless. I asked my parents for help, but they think I am asking for a hand out from them and think it is a absolute sin to consider thier disabled daughter ask for help. I feel gulity even asking them.

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