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4 reasons oil will stay this cheap for years
… 1986 when U.S. oil companies lost their funding and the industry collapsed into a yearslong bust. Without money, companies had to slow or even stop drilling for the crude that helped create a global glut. Many were forced to sell out to rivals or …
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UPDATE 2-Rare earths miner Molycorp misses interest payment, shares fall
"At the end of the grace period, they are (expected) to be in default … so they will probably go bankrupt right around the end of the 30-day grace period," CRT Capital Group analyst Kevin Starke said. Molycorp, which reported a loss for the …
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Sceptical Greek mayors refuse to lend to near-bankrupt state
"If the government says 'we need this money to pay wages and pensions, otherwise we'll go bankrupt', only then will we give it," said KEDE president George Patoulis. Even then, Patoulis – who also runs Marousi municipality in northeastern Athens – is …
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7 Bankrupt Companies That Came Back
When a company is on the brink of failure, it will often file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This allows the company to undergo a reorganization of business affairs, its debts, and its assets. Many companies that go bankrupt are able to settle …
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