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Question by Reality plus 10%: UK: What would happen if there wasn’t welfare in the UK?
It seems nearly everyday there’s some story about benefit abuse of the mega family on “75000” a yr

yet I do wonder what would happen if say the government had to slash the welfare bill by 50% or in fact welfare didn’t exist.
surely, as I believe, we would have more homelessness, crime antisocial behaviour, and the creation of “shanty towns” – made up of local rubbish.

It appears to make good – copy in the media about “benefit bashing” but has anyone considered the consequences of massive benefit cuts ?

There has already been homeless Romanians “pitching up” in park lane central London – is this behaviour likely to get worse ?

Also with the housing benefit capped at £26000, what happens when all the low-paid cleaners, maids road sweepers, bin men, carer’s etc etc cant afford to live in London because of low wages and thus move to the outer suburbs who is going to do these jobs ?
brings whole new meaning to the term; “social security”

If the government RAISED the minimum wage, and REMOVED low income tax credits –
[ currently about £4Billion ] using the money to lower employer national insurance to offset the increased wages, surely this would increase the gap between working and benefit dependency ?
BTW, I work and don’t claim benefits.

Best answer:

Answer by alexander123
Spot on -while the poor attack each other -the idle rich sharks laugh up their sleeves !

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Eligibility for Social Security disabled widows' or widowers' benefits
The federal Social Security program offers a benefit most Americans do not know about: disabled widow's or widower's benefits or DWB for short. The program is meant to provide monthly monetary support for an older disabled widowed spouse who is not yet …
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Metro Couple Believes Scammers Are Targeting Them
"Because they know that they're on low income, disability or social security and any amount of cash, when you persuade them is going to sound good," Summers said. The Oklahoma Attorney General's Office said there are several versions of this scam, but …
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ProfNet Experts Available on Tax Season
Higher tax rates, the new Obamacare surcharges, personal exemption phase-outs, and itemized deduction reductions will be felt in the pocketbooks of most all professional athletes. Most won't discover just how expensive the changes are until April 15.
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Choosing Health Coverage as Deadline Nears
Members of federally recognized American Indian tribes are also exempt, as are members of recognized religious groups with objections to health insurance. You can also claim a hardship exemption if you become homeless or file for bankruptcy.
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Column: Short trip from the Olympic podium to the tax man
More than one Olympic-hopeful family has endured financial hardship, including bankruptcy, on the road to an Olympic medal podium. There are exceptions. Snowboarder Shaun White is a marketing machine, earning an estimated $ 5 million per year in …
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(PRWEB) July 11, 2012

SoftwareMining s COBOL to Java solution is the new chic thing for French Social Security, and has heralded an ‘all change for the better’ with no disruption to services and 100% success in modernising RSI – part of the French Social Security System – at a fraction of the cost of a re-write.


Catholic diocese in Helena, Mont., files for bankruptcy to resolve sex abuse
By Alessandra Malito, NBC News. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena, Mont., filed for bankruptcy protection on Friday to pave the way for a $ 15 million settlement of lawsuits alleging clergy members sexually abused 362 children over five decades, …
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Gilbert Hospital Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Gilbert (Ariz.) Hospital has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to several lingering financial problems, according to an Arizona Republic report. An attorney with the hospital told The Republic that "a loss of financing, management changes …
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Only A Quarter (26%) Find Bankruptcy Shameful: 62% More Worried About
Americans making under $ 40,000 a year are likelier than Americans in higher income brackets to consider filing for bankruptcy. 30% stated they or a member of their family have considered bankruptcy as an option; 32% of adults with children under 18 …
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