Fix The Debt group wrong about Social Security

Fix The Debt group wrong about Social Security
I am so disappointed to read of state Sen. Lou D'Allesandro advising seniors to check out the discredited national organization, Fix The Debt. It includes cuts in Social Security on its menu of options for reducing the debt. Most seniors receive most …

Vermont Confirms Security Breach To Health Care Exchange Website
MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Officials overseeing the Vermont Health Connect website confirmed Friday there was a security breach on the system last month in which one user got improper access to another user's Social Security number and other data.
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List of social security numbers mistakenly mailed to workers
BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI)– Hundreds of Metro East health care workers recently learned they may be at greater risk for identity theft. A nurse says a long list of social security numbers were mistakenly mailed to workers. Current and former workers …

Refinance Auto Loan with Bad Credit Solutions Posted by Auto Pros

Joplin, MO (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

Automotive vehicle loans can be refinanced if a vehicle owner is fortunate to find a lower than standard rate. The Auto Pros company is now helping vehicle owners with bad credit to find refinance companies. This company has installed its refinance auto loan with bad credit database at

The direct access offered to this helpful tool online is allowing any motor vehicle owner to review multiple companies offering a refinance package.

The companies that are currently providing the data that is generated through this new database are a mixture of local and regional providers to help ensure that the lowest interest rates for refinancing loans can be obtained.

“Drivers seeking ways to lower loan repayment costs no longer have to negotiate directly with lenders or banks to find some of the best rates for refinance online,” a specialist for the Auto Pros company said.

The programming and launch of this helpful tool online is one example of a strategy being used to provide consumers with better information to make products and services decisions in the auto industry online. A database to find car insurance rates was launched last month at

“Professional providers are included in all of our databases published online to take away the research that used to be a requirement for car owners seeking ways to lower payments for loans or insurance policies,” the specialist confirmed.

The AutoPros company has revamped its entire website in 2013 to be easier to use for consumers. The addition of the toll-free telephone number system is one method that has helped the customer service department to expand in size this year.

Consumers not using the online contact methods now use the toll-free number to ask questions or lookup parts or services found in the company databases now online.


The company now provide a simple to use database online that is consumer accessible for popular services and products that are purchased in the automotive industry. This company has constructed its auto loan database as well as additional tools that are now used by thousands of consumers daily. The company is one of the first auto companies online to provide a simple way that junkyards and other businesses can be searched using one simple toolset. A national phone number has been created this year to assist with offline questions and answers for consumers.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Creve Coeur MO, Parmele Law Firm, Begins Offering Complimentary Initial Consultations

Creve Coeur, MO (PRWEB) November 15, 2013

For Creve Coeur MO residents, being unfamiliar with the law and the benefits process makes it challenging to obtain your rightful social security disability benefits. It’s even more difficult for a severely disabled person to traverse the system without the help of a lawyer. That is the primary reason behind Parmele Law Firm’s decision to offer complimentary consultations on social security disability cases – both new and appeals. The introduction of complimentary consultations with an experienced social security disability attorney in Creve Coeur MO gives local residents a place to go to seek advice pertaining to SSDI claims.

It is simple to request a consultation. There is a web form on the firm’s website home page at The website can accept consultation requests 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, making it easy for disabled persons to get the process started. Once on the website, Parmele Law Firm’s founder Daniel Parmele encourages visitors to watch the overview video. The video explains the services of a social security disability attorney and Parmele’s extensive experience in disability law.

Figuring out whether your illness qualifies as a disability as defined by the Social Security Administration guidelines isn’t easy. The initial consultation provided by Parmele’s disability lawyers is the starting point in finding out what disability benefits an individual may qualify for.

The disability lawyers in the Creve Coeur MO office generally serves the communities of St. Charles, St. Peters, Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. John, Clayton, University City, Brentwood, Kirkwood, Town & Country, Wildwood, Ballwin and Chesterfield, but any Missouri resident is encouraged to inquire.

About Parmele Law Firm, PC

Parmele Law Firm is considered to be one of the premier providers of Social Security disability legal assistance in the Midwest with offices in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. Parmele Law Firm has close to 20 disability attorneys plus an excellent team of paralegals and support staff that deal with social security disability insurance claims every day. Since its founding, Parmele Law Firm has represented over 50,000 cases against the Social Security Administration and has an excellent track record of success getting disabled people the SSD benefits they deserve. Parmele Law Firm offers free consultations.


Parmele Law Firm

1001 Craig Road, Suite 240

Creve Coeur, MO 63146

(314) 655-1448

Resolvency Announces Website, Social Media and Branding Updates

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) November 18, 2013

Resolvency has announced a new approach to consumer bankruptcy law, with a newly released website, active social media, and welcoming branding that underscore a commitment to individuals that need a new opportunity in life with a fresh start, and a clear field for future effort. Resolvencys website is easily navigated, providing each user with a clear path to information on the firms services, and the relief that is available under the bankruptcy laws. The main navigation menu includes tabs that connect to information on bankruptcy basics, the filing process, detailed information on the types of bankruptcy relief, and answers to frequently asked questions. Visitors can also click on tabs to learn more about Resolvency, contact Resolvency, obtain a free case evaluation, and review the four step process for obtaining debt relief – Take Stock to gather necessary information, Take Aim to choose the appropriate course of action, Take Action to obtain debt relief, and Take Charge to rebuild a strong financial future. The website also includes links to Resolvencys Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn social media profiles, as well as posting opportunities for visitors to share helpful content by email, or with their social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

Resolvencys green logo reinforces the financial emphasis of the firm. The logo also includes the caption Debt Relief. Realized. – communicating the firms mission to bring relief to clients by eliminating burdensome debt. The images featured on Resolvencys website and social media profiles evoke a sense of calm and mindfulness, mirroring the thoughtful, patient approach to debt relief that the firm provides to each client. Resolvency offers optional office visits to save each client time and money, and donates a charitable contribution to Feeding America with each bankruptcy filing. Resolvency also offers a complete refund of all legal fees if a client is not completely satisfied with the outcome of their case.

About Resolvency

Resolvency is the first choice for a second chance. Resolvency helps individuals relieve financial stress by discharging their debts, starting fresh, and gaining a second chance in life. Resolvency offers optional office visits to save each client time and money, and donates a charitable contribution to Feeding America with each bankruptcy filing. Resolvency also offers a complete refund of all legal fees if a client is not completely satisfied with the outcome of their case. Resolvency is a consumer practice division of Davidson Backman Medeiros, PLLC that helps individuals file for bankruptcy, and is a debt relief agency under federal law.

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Disability benefits: How to fight for ann win Social Security disability benefits Reviews

Disability benefits: How to fight for ann win Social Security disability benefits

Disability benefits: How to fight for ann win Social Security disability benefits

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Wiesmann back in business, pulls out of bankruptcy

Day 57: The End of Borders

Image by quinn.anya
I’ll actually miss the place…

Wiesmann back in business, pulls out of bankruptcy
Wiesmann has managed to rise from its own ashes as the company has filed an application to dismiss the insolvency proceedings. In August we heard a rumor about German specialty marque Weismann filing for bankruptcy in the Münster District Court, …

Bankruptcy Judge Approves AMR Merger Settlement
A judge with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York signed off on the pact that will allow American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., to exit bankruptcy and merge with US Airways Group (NYSE. LLC) in a deal worth $ 17.2 billion.
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Q&A: What is “insolvency” in Spanish/French/Italian?

Question by a a: What is “insolvency” in Spanish/French/Italian?
The insolvency can be personal or corporate:

What is “personal insolvency” in Spanish/French/Italian?
What is “corporate insolvency” in Spanish/French/Italian?
native speakers, not auto translations.

Best answer:

Answer by mxzptlk
ell broko
le brok-ay
sorry, I really dont know, just couldn’t pass it up

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