Frankenstorm Sandy Continues to Damage Employment and Wages for Workers, Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Will Help Cover Costs to those Affected

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

With more than 300 nonprofit members located in the affected states, the Unemployment Services Trust has been vigilant of how Sandy is affecting unemployment coverage and employers whose workers have been unable to do their jobs. Fortunately, Federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is being offered to workers in federally declared disaster areas throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut who lost their jobs as a result of Superstorm Sandy. The assistance funds supplement the existing unemployment insurance system and will expand eligibility to include unemployed workers who would not normally be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The DUA funding has specifically expanded assistance to employees not eligible for regular unemployment benefits, farmers, and those who are self-employed, and does not add cost to employers in any of the affected areas.

There has been significant damage up and down the East Coast, but by providing funds to pay for Disaster Unemployment Assistanceunemployment funds that will go to those traditionally excluded from the eligibility standards of state-run unemployment insurance programsthe Federal government is bringing direct monetary aid to those most affected and potentially quickening the recovery process, said Donna Groh, Executive Director of Unemployment Services Trust(UST).

The funds are a result of the 1988 Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, which amended the Disaster Relief Act of 1974 and brings an orderly and systemic means of providing federal natural disaster assistance to state and local governments in carrying out their responsibilities to aid citizens.

Anyone who is now unemployed because of Hurricane Sandy is automatically eligible for DUA and can collect assistance if:

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The Labour party was formed in 1900 to as it was claimed “to represent the interest of the workers”.

Question by Peter B: The Labour party was formed in 1900 to as it was claimed “to represent the interest of the workers”.
At what point did they become the party of the shirkers, workshy and freeloaders?
Are the workers today the modern equivilent to slaves? Most barely have enough money to live on after all their stoppages without going into debt. They have no say in how the money they work for is spent. Are the people in the second sentence (the recipients of a lot of that taxpayers money) the modern equivilent to the privilidged classes? This is’nt intended to insult or offend those who are genuinely unemployed through no fault of their own.
knownow, could it be that there are more people in work now because the population is 5 million more than it was in 1970, Is the unemployed portion of the workforce less or more than it was in those years.
squirrel, I saw a woman from sierra leone on the news some months ago, she had 5 children from different fathers, she claimed that with housing benefit and her other benfits that she was receiving about £33000 per annum, she was claiming that this was’nt enough for her. how would you feel if you were one of the many who are earning less than 20k, your taxes money that you could do with going to support her. If you were a married couple you may have even decided to hold off on having children until you could afford to support them. How would you feel then about supporting somebody elses children, especially somebody who was being a lot less socially reponsible than you.

Best answer:

Answer by Knownow’t
Believe it or not there are more people in work now than in the late 70’s and early 80’s,so whilst you may have some argument with this Govt. on many points, unemployment is not the one to choose.

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IaBL Calls for Mandatory Retirement Assets Census as Part of Social Security Privatization

West Caldwell, NJ (PRWEB) December 9, 2004

Investment and Benefits (IaBL), a non-profit education clearinghouse specializing in training Lower and Middle Income (LMI) workers on their health benefits plans and retirement savings programs, urges Government Regulators and Congressional lawmakers to create a “milepost map” of demographic benchmarks as an essential priority of any new Social Security retirement-income reform.

“It’s been 20 years since the first 401k plans were introduced, and the empirical data is abundant and easy to interpret”, says Douglas Klein, Executive Director of IaBL, “the establishment of new 401k plans has virtually ceased in both the large and small employer segments, with only half of U.S. workers active in a qualified retirement plan.

“More significantly, there are only 5.5 million workers older than the age of 55 still participating in 401k plans, compared to 11.4 million active workers ages 45-55. For those employees over the age of 60, only 37% have a retirement account balance larger than $ 70,000. Additionally, black and Spanish-speaking workers are far less likely than white workers to participate in voluntary retirement plans.”

IaBL is calling for the creation of a systematic survey that would more precisely gauge the success of our national savings efforts, especially for older workers and those in the LMI tax-brackets.

“We propose that every American household, when they complete their Census questionnaires every 10 years, include the total balances of their qualified retirement savings accounts “, says Klein.

IaBL proposes legislation that would require the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration to issue a report detailing the total savings of all Americans, parsed into discrete demographic categories, sorted by age, income brackets and heritage. In addition, every US worker would receive a statement from the EBSA every 10 years, estimating for them the actuarial balances they would need to replace 50% of their estimated final salary earned at age 67.

“Existing Federal Code, no matter how well-intentioned, doesn’t account for the fact that it has become unlikely for an American worker in contemporary society to keep a private-sector job, without interruption, until the normal Social Security retirement age of 65-67 is attained”.

“The Congress did an adequate job establishing the “front-end” of our retirement savings infrastructure”, explains Klein. “The crisis lies in the “back-end” of the employee’s working career – putting money aside and investing over a career to accumulate a retirement plan lump sum – and that element of the agenda is now dominated by the US financial services industry.”

“After studying this matter carefully, IaBL believes that the Government needs to take a more prominent role in officially informing American workers where their progress lies over time – especially elderly and lower income workers who traditionally don’t have access to financial advisors and to online investment literacy services.”

“By reviewing and analyzing the Census Data compiled by the Department of Labor, all US workers will get an official diagnostic report on their savings progress, compared to their peer groups nationwide. We must all acknowledge together that it’s not appropriate for the private sector to have sole responsibility for engineering the retirement security of 50-60 million workers”, Klein concludes.

For the full text of the IaBL Retirement Census Proposal, please visit the Articles section of our website

About Douglas Klein, Executive Director

Mr. Klein is a widely-quoted media source for technical information relating to all aspects of employee benefit plans. He has worked in the Benefits and Investment industry since 1986 as a product specialist and a client relationship executive for Prudential Investments, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and United Healthcare. Mr. Klein is currently a member of the Economics Department faculty at Kean University (Union, New Jersey) and he is a Project Manager for financial literacy campaigns in New Jersey’s urban communities.

Benefits and Investment

759 Bloomfield Avenue, #230

West Caldwell, NJ 07006


Douglas Klein

Executive Director

(201) 935-3995


After I pay off all my debts, how long will it take for my credit score to become excellent again?

Question by missboogermonster: After I pay off all my debts, how long will it take for my credit score to become excellent again?

Joshua will I be able to open a new line of credit with the credit score being poor?

Best answer:

Answer by Joshua H
You have to open a new line of credit and pay it off on time. Your credit does not just automatically go back up.

Yes, there are stores and companies that do not require a credit score to open a line of credit. (I.E. moneymutial, Aarons, etc)

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Extension of emergency unemployment compensation : hearing before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, on S. 382, February 18, 1993

Extension of emergency unemployment compensation : hearing before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, on S. 382, February 18, 1993

Extension of emergency unemployment compensation : hearing before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, on S. 382, February 18, 1993

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By forcing unemployed people to do “Training”, are the Tories just trying to fake the unemployment figures?

Question by Elric of Melniboné: By forcing unemployed people to do “Training”, are the Tories just trying to fake the unemployment figures?
Seeing as they are still getting “Unemployment” benefits will they do it?

Hey got no prob with people getting experience, just have prob with the Gov’s idea, So do Tesco’s and a lot of other Companies!

Best answer:

Answer by your grandad
No, not really. The period this is happening is only temporary anyway. It’s a bit cynical to view it as a figure massaging policy. If you’re going to call it that, what do you call Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s massive expansion of the public sector to make the unemployment figures seem lower?

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High Speed Rail Route Prompts Concerns Locally

High Speed Rail Route Prompts Concerns Locally
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Early start for annual balance transfer pilgrimage

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (PRWEB) January 12, 2013

Worried consumers kicked off the annual credit card pilgrimage two months earlier than usual. The rush for balance transfer cards that normally hits a peak after the January retail sales, swung into action two months earlier, according to Roland B Bleyer, founder of finance comparison site

The chance to cut their credit card interest rate to zero is a powerful magnet for consumers. If it were not for the current state of the economy and the underlying market sentiment we wouldnt normally see the frenzy of credit balance transfer activity that occurred in November and December, said Bleyer.

The phenomenon of the annual credit card pilgrimage usually explodes in early January and continues right through to after Australia Day (26 January) when consumers inevitably react to the high level of debt they piled on over Christmas and the Boxing Day and New Year retail sales. They stampede for the chance to get a zero interest rate on existing debt so more of their payments apply to the principal balance. That helps them pay down the Christmas and January sales debt faster while saving money on interest. For example, a $ 3,000 debt balance transferred for a zero interest free period of nine months could save a consumer $ 382.50 in interest. The figures may vary a little depending on what factors such as facilities and fees may apply.